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Your Happiness is My Joy

December 12, 2015
by admin


Who I am…  an embedded software engineer, and budding  entrepreneur working in the wellness and health industry (Isagenix).
What I do…

Innovative and forward-thinking Software Engineer with C/C++ expertise coupled with 15+ years of experience in software application and real-time embedded systems. Additionally I recently, completed an intensive week long course on Android mobile application development at the Big Nerd Ranch. Background reflects hands-on experience in all phases of software development, maintenance and hardware integration in cutting edge software architecture and implementation.
Areas of expertise include RADAR, communications and medical device technologies from a software perspective, committed to delivering projects on time, within budget as per specifications. A collaborative technical expert immensely successful at building consensus between technical team members. Well versed at translating business requirements into functional requirements and approaches to key stakeholders while incorporating a mixture of analysis, technical acumen, and judgment.

Variously described by co-workers and supervisors as an analytical thinker who is reliably productive and has the ability to synthesize complex issues, proactively assess risk, define strategy, and implement practical business solutions.

I’ve been happily married for 9 years and have a fabulous 6 year old daughter. I have seen significant changes in the software industry over the span of my career, and wish to broaden my skill set, and I’ve recently discovered the secrets to making money on the Internet and enjoy sharing it with my friends. I’m active in Toastmasters and am keenly interested in fitness and working out to get into shape.
My core strengths…

I am inquisitive and analytical by nature, and enjoy solving puzzles and other challenging problems. Additionally I love to tutor students in math and physics, or any subject. It gives me great joy to helping other people, and using my natural talents as a teacher. I enjoy sharing ideas with other co-workers or friends.  Before I was married with children, and have more spare time enjoyed charcoal, pastel, and oil painting as a hobby.